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Sustainable Birch Plywood Badger Decoration

Sustainable Birch Plywood Badger Decoration

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Introducing my unique Badger Decoration, a charming piece of British wildlife brought to life in your home. This delightful ornament is not just an art piece, but a love letter to the majestic creatures that roam our forests. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, capturing two badgers in a cosy cuddle, peacefully asleep. Carved from high-quality birch plywood, this wooden ornament is designed to bring a touch of nature into your living space.

The decoration features a detailed badger illustration printed onto the wood, highlighting the intricate features of these beloved forest animals. On the reverse side, I have included some fascinating badger facts, making this not only a decor item but an educational piece as well. Tied with a sleek black ribbon, it's ready to hang on your Christmas tree, or anywhere around your home all year round. With a size that's perfect for any tree or small space, it's a subtle yet captivating addition to any home decor.

What sets this Badger decoration apart is its commitment to sustainability. As a nature-themed gift, it's only fitting that we respect and protect the environment in its creation. The birch plywood used is sourced responsibly, making this item a perfect choice for those who appreciate sustainable decor. This wooden ornament is also an excellent gift for wildlife lovers, adding a touch of the forest to their homes. It serves as a charming Yule gift or Winter Solstice present, bringing the serene beauty of British wildlife indoors.

This product is easy to care for; simply dust it lightly with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best. Remember, as each piece is individually handcrafted, slight variations in wood grain and colour may occur, adding to the uniqueness of each item. Bring home this Badger decoration today, and let the charm of British wildlife grace your home through the seasons.

If you are an international buyer please bear in mind that as a seller I have no control over the postal service once it has been shipped.
I also have no control over customs charges, this is the responsibility of the receiver and cannot be predicted by myself and I can not mark it as a gift.

This illustration has been lovingly illustrated and designed by me - Ferne.

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