As a self-taught wildlife and nature illustrator, I bring the intricacies of British wildlife to life using Procreate on an iPad. My designs are inspired by my love for the environment, in particular the wildlife on my doorstep in Britain. I aim to inspire others to protect and connect with nature.

With a background in the design industry and a degree in wildlife photography, I use intricate line work and natural colour palettes to create products that showcase the beauty of British wildlife. I started my business during the COVID pandemic, and three years later, I am now self-employed and loving every second of sharing my wildlife world with you.


Planet Before Profit

Sustainability is something I am really passionate about, so it is important to factor in my business. From material selection to packaging, I prioritise options with minimal environmental impact. For instance, my acrylic keyrings are crafted from recycled plastic, diverting waste from landfills and not supporting new plastic production.

My packaging is recyclable, if not then biodegradable but there is always room for improvement so I am constantly on the look out for more sustainable options that mean you can make easy, eco-conscious shopping choices.


Working with Conservation

I used to work as a designer for a printing company, and although I enjoyed the creative process of the work, I rarely found projects that aligned with my interests, sometimes projects or clients I wouldn't like to work with.

Transitioning to my own business has been a game-changer. Now, I have the freedom to draw what I love and create products that ignite my passion. What's more, with commission work, I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in back-to-back passion projects.

Working closely with nature reserves and wildlife charities has been especially fulfilling. Collaborating with companies that share my values and passions not only feels rewarding but I also feel really proud to be a part of these projects and contribute my skills to causes that I deeply care about.