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Lime Hawk Moth Blank Greetings Card

Lime Hawk Moth Blank Greetings Card

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Let your love of moths and all things wild soar with this stunning illustrated Lime Hawk Moth Card. Printed on high-quality A6 card, this card is perfect for moth trappers and moth lovers alike. Brightly detailed wings and subtle shading add a beautiful touch to the delicate eye spots - this card is sure to delight anyone with a fondness for British wildlife.

This nature lover card features an intricately detailed image of a Lime Hawk Moth, set against a tree bark background. A simple, yet effective, design ensures that it will fit in any home space without detracting from the main feature of the card, the majestic Lime Hawk-moth. The careful choice of colours has a calming effect, inviting you to take a moment to still yourself and appreciate the beauty of nature.

This Moth card is not just suitable for displaying as wildlife wall decor – it also makes an excellent gift for a butterfly lover or entomology gift. The carefully illustrated image of the Lime Hawk Moth is sure to be appreciated by anyone who admires the beauty of British wildlife.


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This print has been lovingly illustrated and designed by me - Ferne.

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